Anthony Natale

What is your role at VSO? I am an Account Lead managing multiple accounts here at VSO. The current list of clients I work with is R1 Healthcare, Howard University, Sprint and Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Responsible for the people, processes, financials and growth for each of them.


What experience did you have before joining VSO? I have been in “IT” since the early 90s, while I was in the military and I wanted to play computer games since they seemed much better than the consoles at the time. I was also going to college and had to learn how to troubleshoot and maintain at that time when there was no training. It was a great challenge and put me on a path to this career choice. I started out as an HP Unix administrator for a large utility in NJ, before becoming a SAN engineer and eventually architect. I’ve worked for many types of industries and enjoyed learning how they viewed technology, working with them to overcome challenges.


What brought you to VSO? I was hired by VSO after their 1st year. Our executive team was what attracted me to the company. They are sincere people that work as hard, or harder, than anyone I have ever come across. Additionally, they are willing to share their vast knowledge and skills with our teams and respect our veterans (sometimes more than even vets do!). The honesty and respect here/beyond reproach, and I knew that based on my history with the VSO leadership. It was a no brainer.


What is something you love about VSO? Personally, our principal belief in empowerment is my choice for favorite (though they are all integral in making us successful).

Empowering our employees involves many of the other components of our first principles. Before you can empower people, they need to have trust in the person that is empowering them. The trust our people have in our leadership is a direct result of how well we lead by example and embody what we want to develop in our teams.


What keeps you busy outside of VSO? Coming from a traditional Italian family, cooking is a natural part of my life. Though I do not have all the time I would like to devote to it, I do enjoy putting out food for my family and friends and seeing their reactions. I also love to eat and easy to know if I love or hate something.

I love motorcycling and became a Motorcycle Safety Instructor so I could share my enthusiasm for the hobby with others. In the past, I attended many track events and was able to experience the rush of track day racing.

I have always worked with technology, since my first gaming console (Intellivision) and through the years having a high end 486DX266, and eventually becoming the friendly neighborhood “computer guy”. The challenges and capabilities have always kept me engaged and continues to do so.

Finally, and most importantly, spending time with my family (wife and son), who are very patient with me as I can be a handful when we go on vacations (I need to do active things, not happy with laying around!). Lastly, trying to learn to skate so I can spend more time with my son as he continues on his path to playing ice hockey.