VSO Founding and History

Virtual Service Operations (VSO) is a hybrid cloud managed services company supporting U.S. Public Sector, Commercial, and Non-Profit organizations with managed services, engineering, and architecture for hybrid/multi-cloud and enterprise IT infrastructure.​


VSO was founded in 2017 by Stephen O’Keefe and John Birch. Their idea at the time was to create a company that would be the world leader in hybrid and multi-cloud managed services industry. They determined that the only way to do this was to have an innovative and foundationally sound US-based workforce. In order to build this highly effective and responsive US-based team, VSO tapped into the most disciplined and deserving workforce out there: US military veterans.  We leverage this military veteran workforce to support managed services, monitoring, steady state, and service management engagements – formed as the Virtual Service Quality Operations Division (vSQOD) – our team provides reliable, secure, and cost-effective service delivery. ​


VSO’s US-based veteran workforce is mentored by our Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE). VSO’s CCOE serves as our engine for technology innovation, consulting, solutions design, and Level-4 point of escalation for managed services and operations engagements. Our Level 2 and Level 3 engineers mentor VSO’s veteran workforce pushing more and more responsibility to them as they grow and improve, handing off everything from steady state tasks, like managing ticket queues, to on-call support, to even building servers, allocating storage, and doing backup restores. This virtuous cycle completes when the veterans themselves become the mentors, training those who are newly retired.


While military veterans, and their advancement are a large part of the VSO mission; what really distinguishes VSO is its enthusiastic embrace of continuous improvement and innovation at all levels of the company and with all employees – veteran and civilian alike.