Ethan Watts

What is your role at VSO? I am the Account Lead for Raytheon and Sikorsky. I manage the VSO resources assigned to the Raytheon and Sikorsky accounts. We have several VSO resources on the IBM Linux/Wintel, Storage and Backup delivery teams. Interface with IBM PE and DPE for the accounts, partnering with them to evaluate incoming end client requests, design and implement solutions for a wide range of projects and work efforts


What experience did you have before joining VSO? I’ve been in IT since 1993. Spending seven years active duty in the U.S. Navy, forward deployed in the Arabian Gulf and Somalia engagement. Completing my time in the Navy with a three-year assignment at the Office of Naval Intelligence in the D.C. area. I worked with a couple of Defense Contractors before settling in with EDS on the BellSouth/AT&T account for six years and then moving to the American Airlines account for another twelve years and as EDS moved to HP, HPE and DXC via spin offs and mergers. I came to VSO with years of experience leading large ITO delivery teams and architecting out vast redesigns and integrations/migrations in the UNIX/LINUX/Vmware arena during client mergers and refreshes. I lead by example with an ability to cut to the quick and solve complex issues by recognizing and maximizing skillsets within my team, thereby putting people in place to succeed.


What brought you to VSO? I joined the VSO team, in December 2018 after being contacted by a previous employee of mine who had started with VSO a few months earlier. I quickly recognized the value and opportunity of being part of a small/flexible company after years for being with a large/inflexible company and was excited to make an impact and help VSO scale.

What is something you love about VSO? The involvement of the executive team and passion they bring to every account and discussion is not only refreshing but inspiring. There is a genuine feeling that VSO cares about individual careers and even life outside of work, that is rare in the corporate world and I recognize and appreciate that tremendously. My personal favorite principle is “we will not waste time”, time is absolutely our most valuable asset in work and in life. There is never a reason to waste a moment of it. Even down/restorative/restful time should be with a purpose and meaningful.


What keeps you busy outside of VSO? I have three amazing children, one just out of a four-year tour of active duty in the U.S Navy and is currently attending college at Oklahoma State. Another also in college here in Georgia. And one starting high school in the fall of 2020 (her expensive college plans are the reason I still work 50 hours a week!). I have trained Brazilian JiuJitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing etc. for 20 years of my life, I fought several MMA fights between 2007-2010. I still train and coach Brazlian JiuJitsu 2 to 3 times a week as well as judge and referee local MMA and Kickboxing fights. Also enjoy old school weightlifting, Yoga, Mountain Biking. I also am a “car guy”, owning and enjoying rare/ special edition cars, trucks, going to car shows, drag races, track days etc. I currently have three interesting vehicles but it’s ever changing as I enjoy the “hunt” of something different and hard to find like some people enjoy hunting elk or bear etc.