Financial Services

VSO’s customers in the financial services industry are deeply informed by our user-focused Design Thinking approach that allows us to architect and deploy solutions that can support numerous overlapping user communities.

VSO supports financial services customers ranging from the super-enterprise multi-national insurance companies and government financials like Fannie Ma, down to regional insurance companies and amid-size healthcare revenue cycle management company.

Our teams supporting financial services run the gamut of senior architects and cloud engineers, down to project managers and vSQOD system administrators. The common thread, whether we are deploying customized AWS cloud solutions, or supporting multiple petabyte storage environments, is the focus on User Types. Financials commonly have multiple business elements that have competing needs that must be prioritized and supported in the precise manner that the customer requests.

This probably best illustrated by the VSO Cloud CoE Approach whitepaper below which documents how VSO helped a large insurance company select the elements of their multi-cloud strategy based on their varied user community.