No Jerks

VSO culture is one of virtue. The common values of Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Respect, are attained through the practice of the virtues of Morality, Discipline, Self-Control, and Dignity. Regardless of our backgrounds, these values are common to everyone, but set apart those people and companies that actually practice them.


Leadership is an Attitude, not a Position

We develop leaders and are serious about their role in coaching others. We are owners – owners of problems who take responsibility for finding solutions. We have relentlessly high standards. We are continually raising the bar and driving our teams to deliver high quality products, services and processes. We assume first our own leadership, and then delegate-versus assuming someone else’s ownership, and waiting for things to break.


Customer Loyalty - we find a way to say yes

Our customers are always our partners and our partners are never the enemy. There are always challenges in any human relationship. But VSO leaders will always maintain a positive outlook, remove negativity, and pursue improvement obsessively. If our customers did not need our help, they wouldn’t have hired us. We are hired because of our content, we are brought back because of our values, culture and execution.


We believe in the Principle of Empowerment

That which can be automated, should be automated. We work smarter not harder. That which can be delegated, should be delegated. Our culture is a virtuous cycle of learn, do, and teach. We continually ask: What I am doing now? What am I teaching others? What should I be learning next?


We won't waste Time

Time is the most valuable commodity. We honor the dignity of others to the degree we honor the value of their time. We value others time the same as our own. We value our customer’s time. We value time by finding the meaning in what we are doing; by ensuring that what we have delegated has meaning; that those we have invited to a call are all necessary; and that what we are doing is being done by the right people.


We work hard to earn Trust, Loyalty, and Respect

We will always be direct and honest with ourselves and others. We are never complacent, and we always seek to improve ourselves, the company, our customers, and those we lead. Trust, Loyalty, and Respect are earned.


We are a Performance Culture

VSO aggressively recruits leaders of value at all levels and fosters their continued growth. VSO will always strive to grow “B” players in to “A” players. We will always seek to set clear, measurable goals, and be direct in our feedback to ourselves as to how we are doing towards those goals. VSO is not like every other company. We will build a valuable company by building a company of values.

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