Business Benefits: 

  • Optimization: by moving to the Cloud the environment is organized, secure and accessible
  • Cost Savings: by avoiding investment in additional tools, hardware and support
  • Managed Environment: successful steady-state environment managed by top team of Veteran engineers

Optimized Environment: transforming the environment and migrating to the Cloud 

Busy environments usually have little to no time to assess and optimize. As such, things start to become more reactive rather than proactive without strategic planning and coordination. In these situations, VSO can help assess and provide recommendations for optimizations with an opportunity to realize true cost savings in the process. VSO took a team approach to the BNSIC environment issues. VSO offered a comprehensive transformation plan with competitive pricing which detailed up-front and recurring costs. Regular checkpoints with key stakeholders ensured alignment with goal recommendations and ensured all parties were comfortable with this transformed environment. 

Business Challenge: 

  • Lack of inventory and automated failover components
  • Multiple single points of failure
  • Out of warranty hardware supporting core applications
  • Out of support software supporting day-to-day operations


  • Deviations from standardization and IT best practices, along with physical and infrastructure limitations in the on-premise server room, governed the VSO recommendation away from an in-place upgrade of legacy equipment to more of a “lift and shift” approach into the cloud. 

Solution Components: 

  • Microsoft Azure Compute Cloud
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • AWS Cloud
  • Adobe Creative Cloud