Project Overview

VSO implemented the AWS Transit Gateway in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) environment for The environment was previously using 1022 Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) instances on Amazon EC2. By reducing the instances by 98% we were able to increase computing speed, security, and lower cost for the customer. This transition was completed with no disturbance to the CMS site.

Outcomes of Project and Success Metrics

By reducing the instances by 98% with the implementation of the Transit Gateway we were able to increase computing speed and security as well as heavily lowering cost – the subsequent reduction of 880 Cisco CSRs saved CMS $1.5million annually.

Problem Statement / Definition

CMS used Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) to run an overlay network in AWS cloud, but the cost, complexity, and performance caused issues. There was a small window provided to implement changes before open enrollment on the website began.

Proposed Solution and Architecture

VSO provided planning, cost modeling and forecast, implementation, and migration from Cisco CSR to AWS Transit Gateway, in order to ensure fully operational capability prior to the CMS Open Enrollment period beginning Nov 1, 2019. A team composed of members from VSO, GDIT, and AWS were able to transition the Cisco CSRs to AWS Transit Gateway nearly two months ahead of schedule with zero incidents during CMS Open Enrollment.