Our Delivery Methodology


“Level 4 Engineering” provides industry leading experts in all Core Competencies

Analytics, Automation, and Instrumentation allow use of US based Level 1-3 Veteran delivery that provides Extreme Ownership at lower costs

VSO has developed a staffing approach that focuses on hiring Veterans-particularly disabled vets-and providing them an environment of training, automation, and mentorship that ensures they are effective very quickly.


Agile-based Innovation Cycle with discreet and attainable cyclic goals- resulting in hybrid deployments that accelerate customer time to value.

ITIL based Service Management to include:

  • Cross Platform Service Assurance
  • Service & Project Governance
  • Unified Contracts Management


Hybrid cloud focused – Cohesive Service Management of data across hybrid environments

  • On-Prem
  • Private
  • Public

Scaling down to US delivered IaaS and PaaS for data center customers

Core Competencies

VSO is focused on the value layers of:

Governance & PMO

Governance starts with Extreme Ownership

  • Agile-based training and methodology
  • Focus on client business outcomes
  • Use of automation, including use of market leading IBM tools
  • Credentialing Management
  • PMO for projects
  • Rapid delivery and iteration
  • Regular playbacks with stakeholders

IT Service Management & Services Assurance

Service Management & Service Assurance

  • Use of analytics to preempt issues
  • Client focused issue prioritization and automation
  • Deep ServiceNow competency
  • IBM Control Desk
  • Focus on Data Usage & Optimization to predict problems before they happen
  • Intense use of Automation and Exploitation of Existing Tools
  • ITIL

Contracting & Invoicing

We oversee contracts, invoices and brokerage

  • Annuity or project based hybrid cloud assurance services
  • Partnership / integration with IBM teams such as IMI, GTS,
    Migration Services and IBM Cloud
  • “Back to Back” billing and reporting from Cloud vendors
  • Ability to unify financial transparency
  • Can provide showback or chargeback for internal cloud, and unified billing for hybrid

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