Laura Richardson
Chief Technology Officer
Laura Richardson
What is your role at VSO?

I am the Chief Technology Officer at VSO. In this role, I guide the company in decisions that ensure technology serves and catalyzes VSO’s and our clients’ business success by delivering practical results that scale well.

What experience did you have before joining VSO?

I began my IT career in hardware, integrating systems for large-scale rollouts, then fixing enterprise class servers and storage at Hewlett Packard in years leading up to Y2K. I switched gears to work with high availability, disaster recovery and storage systems, working with a broad group of customers in telco and finance. I joined Novus Consulting Group in 2003 and subsequently IBM in 2007, like several of us in VSO’s leadership team. At IBM, I was appointed Senior Technical Staff Member and years later Distinguished Engineer for the impact of my work on storage optimization technologies for IBM and our clients.

What brought you to VSO?

What brought you to VSO? When Steve and John told me about the concept for VSO, I was determined to join. Building a managed services company with a veteran focused workforce is an exciting challenge; I had to be a part of it. Also, working with people for whom you have great admiration and respect doesn’t just happen every day in business; it is critically important. Life is short!

What is something you love about VSO?

My favorite VSO Principle is “Leadership is an Attitude, not a Position”. You will find leaders at every level in our company. My advice… Be industrious: work to make difficult things simpler, bring a problem forward only when you have a solution, and you will lead well.

What keeps you busy outside of VSO?

Outside of VSO, you will find me reading, studying, and writing – always around business, science and technology. My husband and I just moved from Tampa, FL to Tennessee and we spend most of our time outdoors on a tiny farm. We love the Tennessee Titans (Earl Campbell and Warren Moon, and most recently Derrick Henry!), the Tampa Bay Rays, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Buccaneers.