Federal Election Commission

Given the public focus on FEC during the 2016 election cycle, FEC.gov undertook an initiative to enhance their security, availability, and disaster preparedness in advance of the 2020 election cycle.


VSO provided FEC.gov with assistance in preparation for election year 2020 by improving AWS disaster recovery for their primary website. To support the DR workstream a secondary workstream to build out an Amazon Landing Zone. This will support DR efforts and future migration and modernization work.

VSO proposed to replicate the database, rebuild the website application CI/CD pipeline to handle multi-region availability, and build out full AWS Landing Zone to support the FEC.gov website, disaster recovery, and future cloud migration and modernization.

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For the FEC.gov website, FEC chose to only protect the database due to funding and other outside constraints. They also chose to implement the AWS Landing Zone baseline to prepare for their future projects. They now have a fully configured IAM scheme with integrated ADFS SSO enabled. FEC signed off and accepted the DR solution.

By replicating the AWS services for FEC.gov across multiple regions VSO was able to provide FEC with the reliable availability necessary for their primary site.

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