Large Auto Company
  • VSO, working with our partner and prime contractor, performed a Technical Refresh of over 3500 servers in the environment utilizing our Rosetta Catalog services, and
  • VSO architected and deployed a complete rebuild and upgrade of the Client’s Backup and DR environment to achieve a solution that was multi-site, tapeless, encrypted, met the high-volume requirements of backing up 100% of North America operations, while providing disaster recovery ability.
  • VSO provided vSQOD managed services of the entire backup and restore environment during the deployment of the new solution to include nine primary sites, thirty remote sites, and over 5000 servers.


In partnership with our prime contractor, VSO provided the Client, a large automotive company, with vSQOD managed services and Rosetta Catalog technical refresh services in the areas of server, backup and restore, and disaster recovery. VSO worked with our partner to support the Client for over five years.

VSO provided to the Client managed services which included significant System Administration and backup management. In this environment, VSO routinely performed builds and server deployments from bare metal to production release on both Red Hat and Windows platforms.

Additionally, VSO was responsible for all refresh migrations, day to day backup and restore management, architecture, and implementation of the newly architected backup servers and clients. As part of this implementation and management activity, VSO monitored systems for performance and security issues and enacted patching updates and performance tuning to achieve desired application response times.

As the architect and design influencers of the backup environment, VSO also provided the Client with detailed documentation including build sheets, run books, architectural diagrams, change records, and other essential information.

Backup Problem

Overall, the effects of the customer’s accumulated technical debt with the backup environment were substantial. The stated design objective of the backup solution was to provide a multi-Site, tapeless, encrypted, backup solution that provided the ability to restore in a secondary site from a processing interruption in the primary site, while accommodating the latency restrictions of distance, volumes and types of data (structured & unstructured), with potential additional constraints to include long retention requirements, “many to one, one to many” site relationships, and regulatory compliance. VSO also provided a full vSQOD managed service of day to day backup management, architecture, and implementation of the backup servers and clients.

The first major phase of the effort was the redesign and re-architecture of the Backup and Restore (BUR) environment. VSO took over a managed service of the legacy “1.0” BUR environment and managed the environment, while designing and then implementing the “2.0” solution. VSO was responsible for complete implementation and ongoing managed service support of the legacy and target environment. Deployment of the BUR upgrade took approximately 2 years.

Technical Refresh Problem

In the server environment, the effects of the Client’s accumulated technical debt were even more restricting. A significant portion of the IT estate was suffering from server and OS obsolescence. Applications and actual manufacturing improvements were suffering delays due to a server environment that was significantly aged.

VSO performed builds and migrations from bare metal to production release on both Red Hat and Windows platforms. VSO performed all refresh migrations utilizing our Rosetta Catalog® approach-which included significant automation of the build and migration process. VSO’s approach was a targeted “Refresh as a Service” or “RaaS” which supported the technical refresh of the environment on a fixed price per unit “service catalog” basis. The contract detailed ten different service catalog items, each customized and updated to the customer environment and detailed security requirements for inclusion in ongoing support. These catalog items remained flexible and consistent for an effort that spanned five calendar years. The refresh was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

VSO provided complete Project Management and Change Management as well as the execution of all installs, upgrades, and refreshes within the environment. The Client worked with VSO to estimate annual and monthly volumes of catalog quantities and only paid monthly according to the “PxQ” construct of fixed price times quantity of completed and accepted items.

Customer Benefits & Success Metrics

VSO’s vSQOD managed service exceeded all SLAs while providing 24/7 managed services for the legacy BUR and new BUR environments during and after solution deployment.

The VSO Rosetta Catalog provided the Client with IT scoping, migration, and build services that are predictably priced and consistently delivered. This approach ensured that a three-year upgrade of over 3500 servers was performed without issue, under budget, and on schedule.

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