Our US-based teams are all HIPAA and PHI compliant. We provide solutions and IT support to nearly every part of the healthcare industry.

The planning, implementation, and support of IT within the healthcare field differs from IT support in every other industry in the very important aspect that failure affects the care for the health of patients.  Increasingly, healthcare has taken advantage of technologies to obtain a more complete and immediate view of the health of each patient and to make that information as accessible and usable by the healthcare professionals providing that care.  These specific healthcare technologies, in turn, rely upon integration to IT systems such as networking, security, data storage, and data processing that are common to all industries.  Unlike other industries though, the integration of these components with one another but also with the people, processes, and culture of the healthcare organization is essential to delivering safe care for patients and a more consistent work experience for clinicians and staff.

VSO IT support in the healthcare industry is truly comprehensive.  We have extensive experience in the successful implementation and support of underlying technologies for healthcare organizations.

We provided architecture and migration support for a large healthcare platform migration to AWS cloud platform and continue to provide support during open enrollment periods.  VSO is currently executing the migration of the Veteran’s Administration 20,000 switches in 200+ hospitals and clinics.  VSO provides managed services on IBM Cloud for a major healthcare revenue cycle management company, we provide platform support for a large regional medical group, and VSO provides software development and FogLifter® support at one of the largest nationwide HMO’s-to name a few.