Infrastructure Visibility:​

Collection, Correlation, Dashboard Reporting/Modeling.​


The proliferation of IT management tools has created a fog of data, often from overlapping sources, that makes getting accurate, actionable, and timely information from the right systems of record at the right time nearly impossible.

To extract and analyze this data, many organizations rely on exports and manual manipulation. Spreadsheets are unfortunately still the most pervasive reporting tools in the world.

VSO has developed a comprehensive set of APIs to allow timely and accurate measurement of SLAs/XLAs with correlation to your Systems of Record to ensure accuracy of inventory.​

FogLifter can automate the extraction and analysis of your data from structure and unstructured data sets-allowing you to keep your investment in existing systems, but eliminate the “frequency of garble” produced by multiple, overlapping systems.​

On-prem / Cloud / Hybrid Hosted
Data Display & Analysis
FogLifter Web Interface
Native Dashboard
FogLifter Api
easy integration with other portals/systems
FogLifter SGL - Based Access
for analysis in Tableau, Cognos, Arcadia, etc
FogLifter Exports
enable export of data to external systems
Data Access Extraction, Aggregation & Correlation
Api Services
FogLifter Processors
FogLifter Data Lake
FogLifter Collectors (Import and Transformation Logic)
Customer Systems of Record
Converged Infrastructure
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FogLifter’s loosely coupled architecture can be quickly deployed in and customized to a variety of enterprise environments.

The architecture is designed to ingest any type of information from any source, including but not limited to databases, documents, and e-mails. ​

Data is then processed and stored, with any attached metadata, as a standardized metric inside the FogLifter database. This metric is then immediately exported to real-time reports and visualizations.​


FogLifter Overview
Getting Started with FogLifter
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