A Design Thinking Approach to Hybrid Architecture:

Utilizing a Design Thinking approach to Agile for architecting and implementing complex solutions.

Design and Architecture

Design Thinking is about creating iconic experiences for users and winning the hearts of individuals whose lives are enhanced through interaction with our team and services.

VSO utilizes a customized approach to Design Thinking as part of every engagement.




VSO combines Design Thinking with an Agile approach to Architectures to achieve real and measurable outcomes:
Step 1.

Define success with Design Thinking: everyone conceptually understands hills are to be climbed or taken. From a marketing perspective, it is clear what we are aiming at: hill has both a wow factor and specific metrics-based outcomes.

Everyone gains agreement on what is the user’s environment, what they do with that environment, and how those interactions are measured.

Design thinking
Design thinking
Understand your user needs
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to navigate
  • Secure
Understand Your Existing Environment
  • Compliance & Security Profile
  • Performance
  • Historical Usage Patterns
  • Application/Workload
  • Discovery & Mapping
Security & Compliance​
  • Profile Maintenance
  • Data: In Flight & At Rest
  • Data: Sensitivity / Toxicity
Step 2. Transition to Agile​

VSO has adapted the best elements of overlapping industry practices. We utilize Design Thinking to focus and document the measures of success as articulated in User Stories.​

Feature list
Sprint backlog
Step 2
Step 2

However, we then transition from Design Thinking to an Agile Architecture deployment approach by translating the Design Hills into Feature Lists that fit into Agile Product Backlogs and are deployed in an Agile Sprint cycle.

Feature list
Sprint backlog
Ensuring every environment we architect is designed to:​
  • Map back to iconic “Wow” User interaction
  • Ensure continuous improvement​
  • Orchestrate deployment and migration
  • Optimize ease of management
  • Provide enforceable and manageable security
Designing the solution
  • Security​
  • Quick Wins​
  • Strategic​
  • Total Cost of Ownership​
Architect for Implementation​
  • Architect for Implementation​
  • Automate
  • Adaptable MVP Exceptions Filter​
  • Use Case Catalog​