Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company
  • VSO migrated over 3000 HIPPA compliant systems to the IBM cloud based on VMware technology.
  • VSO supported the design, implementation, migration, and managed services for an IBM cloud-based solution for the Client.


VSO was contracted through our partner and prime contractor for the design, implementation, migration, and ongoing vSQOD managed services for an IBM cloud-based solution for the Client, a large healthcare revenue cycle management company. VSO provided cloud infrastructure and IaaS managed services support on behalf of our partner for the Client. The transition and migration effort involved moving from two legacy hosted data centers running Microsoft Hyper-V, with some workloads on Azure to a primary and secondary IBM Cloud Solution.


This migration required first the stabilization of the existing environment, then design and improvement of the Client’s network to accommodate the movement and access in a completely secure framework-while providing 24/7 managed services of the target IaaS environment.

The Client continued to run, own, and maintain their data and applications residing on this platform, while VSO provided all infrastructure support beneath the applications. VSO architects were instrumental in the design, but more importantly, with the migration from an on-premises Hyper-V environment to a completely cloud-based hosted IaaS.

Migration from Hyper-V to VMware was desired to take full advantage of the DR resiliency and cloud backup capabilities of Zerto and Veeam. The solution had to be fully HIPAA compliant. The baseline environment involved 1300 virtual images but doubled within the first year.

vSQOD Team

VSO vSQOD managed services are organized to provide support 24/7/365. The VSO team had members that were dedicated to the account, and more senior members who provided leveraged, escalation support. The vSQOD for the Client consisted of dedicated veterans who provided primary support. They were supported by more senior L3 and L4 resources for architecture, engineering, governance, and service delivery management.

VSO was designed from the ground up as a premier provider of hybrid service management for on-premises infrastructure and combined on-premises/cloud environments. The company’s staffing approach, which is called "military service to managed service," offered the Client a US-based, HIPAA compliant team of military veterans that were dedicated and mission focused. The VSO involvement in the Client implementation has been invoked by the customer as “excellent” and the ongoing managed services are meeting all SLAs and exceeding requirements - all at a price point that was competitive to offshore, but with US military veterans.


The Client utilized VSO as the primary steady state team providing 24x7 support for their production environment that resides on IBM / Softlayer Cloud. The VSO team managed, maintained, and monitored 5 ESXi clusters comprised of over 120 ESXi hosts supporting what grew to 3000+ images. VSO implemented ServiceNow into their governance processes and helped the client achieve greater service management and automation capabilities. With over 200 tickets per day, VSO automated monitoring with auto ticket creation based on specified thresholds for all VMs in the environment. VSO also created and maintained custom dashboards and automated reporting within ServiceNow (utilizing VSO’s FoGLifter service methodology) to enhance response and resolution of tickets within specified SLA time periods, while also increasing client visibility into the environment.

Project Outcome & Success Factors or Metrics

The Client is a leading provider of revenue cycle services and physician advisory services to healthcare providers. VSO migrated over 3000 HIPPA compliant systems to the IBM cloud based on VMware technology. Included in the migration were over a thousand mission critical databases that were deployed into Skytap. VSO continues to support Disaster Recovery and Backup and Recovery for the Client.