US Department of Veteran’s Affairs – AWS Cloud

The VA was having issues with governance in their AWS cloud. Their approach to utilization in the AWS cloud was haphazard and needed to be reworked. The VA team did not have visibility into things such as VPN up-down states and EC2 instances.


VSO assisted the Department of Veteran Affairs by optimizing and expanding developers’ usage of the AWS platform. In providing cloud governance and management we increased the customers understanding and proficiency in the AWS cloud so as to maintain a stable and efficient cloud environment.

VSO proposed to provide guidance and governance to give them more visibility to their cloud environment so as to maximize efficiency and control of their environment. In proper management of their AWS cloud we proposed that in turn their agility to deploy would increase and cost would be optimized by reducing unused or poorly used services.

VSO provided tools to track costs of instances, ensure compliance through the use of AWS Config and automated use of Config rules and fed to a Quick Sight dashboard for VA to track and take action.

VSO continues to provide ongoing support and guidance to the VA on AWS cloud migrations.

Customer Benefits & Success Metrics

The VA now has a better understanding of the AWS cloud and even is able to integrate with Azure. The customer’s environment is now tighter and more secure. Their account has also gained agility with being able to launch and grow in their use of the AWS cloud infrastructure with the necessary and proper amount security and governance.

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