From Marine Corps to Civilian Success: Darby Mee’s Inspiring Journey
From Marine Corps to Civilian Success: Darby Mee’s Inspiring Journey

VSO’s steadfast mission is to support U.S. Military Veterans throughout their transition from military to civilian life. Our Veteran Conversations Series, The Eleventh, is a cornerstone of this mission, offering monthly insights into the successful transitions of veterans into the IT industry.

This month, we’re highlighting Darby Mee, the current VP of Federal here at VSO. Darby is a 3rd generation Marine whose story is a powerful example of the resilience, adaptability,  and leadership that veterans bring to the civilian workforce.

Darby’s transition from a commander in the Marine Corps to his position at VSO illustrates the critical role of self-awareness and continuous improvement in the pursuit of success.

Darby found his path by leveraging resources like the Post 9/11 GI Bill to earn his MBA and transitioning into a pharmaceutical sales role before finding his path in the IT sector.

At VSO, we’re proud to support veterans, like Darby, by providing resources and opportunities to translate military experiences into civilian career success. Darby’s journey from the Marine Corps to the IT industry embodies the potential for all veterans to thrive in their post-military careers.

Take a moment to watch Darby’s story and discover more about Darby’s transition. Curious to learn more about how VSO is helping veterans navigate their new missions in the civilian world? .Check out VSO’s guide to hiring veterans over at hirevetsintech.com and see how veterans can transform your business.

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