Anthony Natale
Why did you decide to serve?

At the time I was not exactly locked into college and I wanted do my part and serve my country while finding direction.

VSO Role:

Account Lead

Date Joined:

October 2018

Why did you join VSO and how has the experience been for you?

I was recruited to come to VSO by John Birch to work as a Sr. Technical resource on Sprint, since then I have moved into the Account Lead role as well. My time at VSO has been exciting and challenging.

Military Life:

After high school graduation I enlisted in the US Air Force, at the tail end of the Cold War. I was in for a total 11 years (which included both Active Duty and Air National Guard time). I was a Weather Forecaster during my career.

Family Life:

I am from NJ, born and raised by immigrant Italian parents. I actually did not speak English when I went to kindergarten. My parents learned English along with myself while I went to school. I am the oldest of 3 boys. Playing computer games was an early love of mine. When I wasn't in the arcade, I was playing on my Intellivision, Commodore 64 or Atari. Sports was a large part of my childhood although it was mostly focused on soccer, which I still play today (albeit much slower pace!).

I am an avid motorcyclist and a nationally certified motorcycle instructor for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. In the past, I participated in road racing events.

Most importantly, I am married to my amazing wife since 2008, and we have a son, Ryan, who keeps me young while I try to keep up!