Charles Johnson
Why did you decide to serve?

Hard to say now, I am sure patriotism was part of it the Iran hostages had just been freed and the Cold War was still around.  A family tradition on some level - my dad and uncles were WWII vets, my cousin a Vietnam vet and my sister was in the Navy.

VSO Role:

I am supporting the Oracle Engineered devices (Exa) on the DOI ONRR account.

Date Joined:

December 2019

Why did you join VSO and how has the experience been for you?

I had been working with Ethan Watts for about a decade at a prior job and he suggested I apply at VSO. A million thanks Ethan, VSO is absolutely one of the best work environments. Everyday, I am astonished at how many highly skilled people are so nice. My youngest son was on the Covid Army and he always asks me how I got in with the "No Jerks" policy. I try to remember that.

Military Life:

Trained in aviation supply assigned to a small Helicopter Maintenance Squadron what at the time was NAS Dallas. In our shop which was behind the times it involved searching microfiche to locate the parts and then teletype to the Navy to order the parts.

Family Life:

My wife and I have 2 kids in college. We are recovering helicopter parents, so now we have 2 rescue dogs that get our attention - the kids seem relieved by that.