John Echaniz
VP of Delivery
John Echaniz
What is your role at VSO?

I am VSO’s VP of Delivery, a role in which I oversee the qualitative and financial aspects of the services VSO performs for its clients and partners, as well as the integration of the companies VSO acquires.

What experience did you have before joining VSO?

Like other members of the VSO executive team, my path to VSO can be drawn through Novus Consulting Group, which was acquired by IBM in 2007. I managed the training business at NovusCG, and later its Solution Center, which centralized the highest performers in the organization in order to leverage their talents across multiple accounts, and to develop solutions that standardized and automated the services that Novus delivered. Following the acquisition by IBM, where I continued to develop service offerings and assist in business development efforts in its Global Technology Services division, I returned to life in smaller firms, where I grew specialized service delivery teams in the private and public sectors, with a particular focus on Civilian Federal agencies of the US Government.

What brought you to VSO?

This one is easy: the people. Having been part of successful ventures with several members of the VSO team in the past, I jumped at the chance to do it again. One spends large amounts of time collaborating with workday colleagues – genuinely enjoying their company is a tremendous advantage, and a boon to productivity as well.

What is something you love about VSO?

I see the relationships we form at VSO as our greatest strength. I’m at VSO today because of the deep trust I have in our leadership team. Every day we build relationships with our clients, our partners, and our colleagues, as we collaborate to accomplish our clients’ objectives. Few things are more satisfying than being on the receiving end of a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from a client whose life we improved through our hard work and diligent service. Those moments forge strong bonds all around – among us at VSO and with our clients – that can last a lifetime.

What keeps you busy outside of VSO?

What keeps me busy outside of VSO is the primary reason for being inside VSO: the joys of being a husband, father, and grandfather. I enjoy coaching various sports, and playing those sports when possible, although Father Time is taking a cruel toll on my abilities. I also devote an unhealthy amount of attention to the Washington Nationals, which paid glorious dividends in 2019.