Maurice Durocher
Why did you decide to serve?

Kinda funny story. I answered an ad in the local newspaper for “heavy equipment operator training”. A phone conversation and 30 min later a Naval recruiter pulled up in the driveway decked out in dress whites driving a convertible bright red Corvette! …ended up running nuclear reactors aboard the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier – suppose that counts as heavy equipment!

VSO Role:

Senior Solutions Engineer

Date Joined:

March, 2018

Why did you join VSO and how has the experience been for you?

When John and Steve started VSO I was one of the first technical resources to come aboard supporting our first account R1 Health. I knew John was looking to perfect a vision, which I had also had the privilege of being part of at a previous company. I was certain John and Steve together would be an unstoppable team in that regard - and in all honesty I needed the work! My expectations have not only been met but I continue to be amazed by this company!

Military Life:

I was only 18 going on 19 when I signed up. I spent the first 1.5 years (after boot camp of course) in school in Orlando, Fl learning all about hydro- and thermodynamics along with nuclear power theory and practice. Then I spent 6 months in Idaho Falls, Idaho doing practical training on a couple of nuclear subs submerged in a swimming pool out in the middle of nowhere. I was then stationed on the Abraham Lincoln which was deployed at the time in the Gulf under the first Gulf war and stationed out of Alameda, Ca.

Family Life and interests:

I met a Danish girl in San Francisco while in the Navy and followed her to Denmark. We got married and have four children together. My ex and I have since gone our separate ways but we are all currently living in Denmark. My two oldest boys are working on their respective masters at the university here in Aarhus, and my two youngest are finishing up “high school”. I enjoy dancing salsa with my fiancée, going on wine trips and otherwise travelling. I have a great interest in what I refer to as “Inspired Economics” which is essentially new systems thinking around economic (and socio-economic) challenges - and no, utopia is not a bad word, like all ideals it is star a by which we can navigate by or said less poetically it’s worth reflecting on in my opinion! Another great interest of mine is following the work of theoretical physicist Nassim Haramein and his team on Unified Physics at the Resonance Science Foundation. Truly fascinating work even if physics isn’t really your thing.