Nitsa Ferentinos
Senior Account Lead
Nitsa Ferentinos
What is your role at VSO?

I am a Senior Account Lead for VSO’s emerging and strategic accounts. These accounts include a large US healthcare company and global customers, like SAP, in which we are engaged through our partnership with NTT. I not only manage these accounts and oversee delivery teams for supporting client operations, but I am also actively engaged in a program lead role at SAP to help our customers with program management and governance activities.

What experience did you have before joining VSO?

I have been working in IT since 1998 where I started my career as a Solaris System Administrator. My jobs since then evolved from hands-on technical engineering to more consultative and architect type engagements with some stints in product management. My later roles as team lead and project manager led me down a leadership path, which became a logical progression to take on the account lead role for VSO.

What brought you to VSO?

I worked with Steve at my first job out of college, Business Impact Systems. We were both engineers at the time. I then followed some of our former coworkers to Novus Consulting Group which was led by Steve and where I met John. The veteran mission always had my interest, but I also knew Steve had done this before and I wanted in. This was more than just about a job, this felt more like a family reunion! Steve would call me about once a week for 6 months prior to joining. He would keep me informed on all that was in the pipeline until he knew there was a solid opportunity for me to join. I joined in February 2018 and my favorite part of this story is that Steve quit my previous job for me!

What is something you love about VSO?

NO JERKS! But on top of that, what I love about VSO is that we truly are a performance culture! If you do not know how to get something done, you reach out and someone on the team is there to help make it happen! Even the executive team is always there when you need them, and together, we know how to get things done!

What keeps you busy outside of VSO?

I live in Olney, MD with my husband, Max, and two teenage kids, Kosta and Eleni. When we are not on the field, at dance, or crossing paths driving various carpools, we enjoy spending time with our extended big fat Greek family which are mostly nearby. We try to get to Greece to visit the rest of the family every other summer. In my “spare” time, I enjoy cooking, baking and entertaining! And somewhere in between all that fun stuff, I enjoy being a fitness coach!