Trenton Keen
Why did you decide to serve?

I heard a recruiter talk about cavalry scouts during a presentation. Thought that sounded pretty neat so I decided to become one.

VSO Role:

Military Apprentice – Solution Architect Apprentice

Date Joined:
12th April 2021
Why did you join VSO and how has the experience been for you?

I was looking on Linkdin for jobs and I came across a post from Nick Curry talking about an exciting opportunity for transitioning service members. The rest is history, I am beyond grateful to VSO for providing me so many opportunities for professional development. The culture is amazing, and the people are the reason for that.

Military Life:

I was a scout for 8 years and an artilleryman for 3. During my service I came across an opportunity to provide honors to deceased veterans. I cannot think of a more humbling and sobering job. I was trained by previous members of the Old Guard in Arlington National Cemetery. I trained more than 60 individuals on how to perform military honors. I was the NCOIC of a regional office. I completed more that 1500 funerals over a span of 8 years in the Military Funeral Honors Program.

Family Life:

I Married my best friend in 2013. She gave me 2 awesome children. I enjoy hanging out and doing things with my wife and kids as well as attempting to take strokes off my golf game. Video games are cool also!