Cloud Doesn’t Have
to be a Gray Area®

We’ve productized our industry expertise to make your
IT environment smarter, more consistent, and more secure.

Our Solutions Hemispheres Help You
Work Smarter, Not Harder

At VSO we believe that which can be automated should be automated. Our IP-led solutions constantly evolve to help our customers design, migrate to, and thrive in hybrid cloud environments. Our solutions fall into two hemispheres: our design, build, and migration solutions make rapid change possible and predictable, and our operations and optimization solutions give you transparency, reliability, and predictability.

design, build and migrate solutions to make rapid change possible
Operations & optimization solutions that give you transparency, reliability& predictability
Our certified Design Thinking advisors take a User-Focused approach to Agile IT. This method infuses all of our design and architecture activities. Our approach focuses on making your journey to cloud tactile, understandable, and achievable. Let’s work together to thoughtfully select the best Hybrid Cloud Solution for you.
Our certified Design Thinking advisors take a User-Focused approach to Agile IT. This method infuses all of our design and architecture activities. Our approach focuses on making your journey to cloud tactile, understandable, and achievable.
VSO’s entire organization participates in regular “Design Authority” sessions led by our Architecture Review Board to ensure consistent development practices through collaboration, emergent design, intentional architecture, and design simplicity. We emphasize industry certifications at all levels as a requirement for career advancement.
VSO maintains a Rosetta Catalog® of comparative cloud and infrastructure functionality across vendors with standardized definitions, steps & timeframes necessary for any combination required. In a constantly improving codebase, we have scripted and automated many of the cloud and infrastructure deployment activities.
VSO maintains a Rosetta Catalog® that allows instant comparison of cloud and infrastructure functionality across vendors with standardized definitions. These definitions have been paired with a standardized Service Catalog that details all steps & timeframes necessary for any Build or Migration activity. As part of these two pieces of IP allow you to easily map where you are, and precisely how much time, money, and effort will be required to get you where you want to go.
VSO maintains a constantly evolving codebase to automate as many elements as possible of build and migration activities. Utilizing technologies like Terraform, Ansible, and more traditional scripting tools, we are constantly growing our library of automated deployments to make your journey as predictable and cost effective as possible.
Whether we are managing your environment or not, we have developed IP to help you optimize operations, with transparency to costs, quantities, and XLAs and predictable cost and velocity of DevOps.
Spreadsheets are unfortunately still the most pervasive reporting tool in the world. VSO has developed a comprehensive set of APIs to allow timely and accurate measurement of SLAs/XLAs with correlation to your Systems of Record to ensure accuracy of inventory. FogLifter can automate the extraction and analysis of your data from structure and unstructured data sets-allowing you to keep your investment in existing systems, but eliminate the “frequency of garble” produced by multiple, overlapping systems.
VSO VaaS offering makes the cost of DevOps predictable by fixing the cost per story point for DevOps support. We provide complete software development support within a managed, Agile framework.
VSO has VSQOD teams managing environments from multi-cloud to traditional infrastructure to contact centers through our Mpathic subsidiary. Regardless of the offerings or support level required, we have developed team methodologies built on our military veteran culture, so you know your workload is secure, stable, and affordable.
Our vSQOD Managed Services® allow you to bring on as much, or as little, support as you need. VSO’s Service Quality Operation Division is our managed service methodology. Our veteran delivery ensures secure, consistent, and cost-effective operation of infrastructure, cloud and hybrid environments-from Level 0 through Level 4 support.
VSO currently has over 500 trained staff, experienced with handling PHI, PII, and inbound phone support.
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We Are a
Partner-Focused Culture

At VSO we believe strong partnerships are the key to a growth business. Whether it is through structured partner programs or through industry teaming agreements, we believe deep partnerships benefit the customers and the partners.

We Are a
Partner-Focused Culture

Our Industry Experience

Federal Government
Federal Government
We deliver cloud-based solutions to the federal government through a unique military veteran-led delivery model and innovative Intellectual Property.
Our US-based teams are all HIPAA and PHI compliant. We provide solutions and IT support to nearly every part of the healthcare industry.
Through one of our partners, VSO utilized our Rosetta Catalog® services approach to assist the US division of a major Japanese auto company to migrate and upgrade 3500+ physical and virtual servers, as well as deploying a complete..
VSO is particularly proud of the work we perform for non-profit organizations. These customers feel more  like partners than customers, and frequently their mission aligns with VSO’s mission.
State, Local & Education
State, Local & Education
VSO has staff in 42 states and counting. Our veteran-led, on-shore delivery model makes our teams the perfect fit for State and Local governments and universities.
Financial Services
Financial Services
VSO’s customers in the financial services industry is deeply informed by our user-focused Design Thinking approach that allows us to architect and deploy solutions that can support numerous overlapping user communities.

Customer Success Stories

# 1 / 15
Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services
VSO provides a broad range of services to CMS for the entirety of the CMS cloud ecosystem. This includes application development, cloud migrations, shared cloud-services infrastructure, security, and networking.
# 2 / 15
IBM- Pandemic Assistance
The Department of Labor engaged VSO through a sub-contract with IBM to support and process Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), a Federal COVID relief program to extend Unemployment Insurance to contractors, freelancers and the self-employed.
# 3 / 15
Large Manufacturing Company
VSO, working with our partner and prime contractor, provides this super-enterprise customer with a broad spectrum of services such as managed operations services, architecture and engineering services, project management, migration assistance, consolidated billing support, and SAP security consulting.
# 4 / 15
VA LAN Switch Refresh Project
The US Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA) maintains hospitals and other health care facilities throughout the country that serve our nation's military veterans.
# 5 / 15
Kennedy Center
VSO worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Professional Services to transform a legacy and outdated data warehouse for John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts into a fully functioning modular data system.
# 6 / 15
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
Utilizing Design Thinking, VSO performed a comprehensive study of the Basilica’s IT infrastructure and documented a hybrid cloud solution that removed IT as the bottleneck to operations.
# 7 / 15
Large Auto Company
In partnership with our prime contractor, VSO provided the Client, a large automotive company, with vSQOD managed services and Rosetta Catalog technical refresh services in the areas of server, backup and restore, and disaster recovery.
# 8 / 15
Large University
VSO, working with our partner and prime contractor, performed a network and security managed service with our vSQOD methodology for a large university with over 2800 managed elements.
# 9 / 15
Large Healthcare Organization
The Client, a nationwide healthcare provider, has multiple service providers managing an IT environment including tens of thousands of servers
# 10 / 15
Large Insurance Company
The VSO Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) focuses on the Customer’s iconic user experiences and builds a framework that aligns technology, Agile, DevOps and governance to deliver these to the business. We begin with Design Thinking, then help customers modernize and migrate, with US Veteran based operations and performance-based feedback
# 11 / 15
US Tax Court
The customer needed assistance migrating their CMS and database applications to the cloud. The new CMS tool was serverless and so the customer needed an environment created so as to complete serverless actions in the CMS.
# 12 / 15
Federal Election Commission
Given the public focus on FEC during the 2016 election cycle, undertook an initiative to enhance their security, availability, and disaster preparedness in advance of the 2020 election cycle.
# 13 / 15
US Department of Veteran’s Affairs – AWS Cloud
VSO assisted the Department of Veteran Affairs by optimizing and expanding developers’ usage of the AWS platform.
# 14 / 15
Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Company
VSO was contracted through our partner and prime contractor for the design, implementation, migration, and ongoing vSQOD managed services for an IBM cloud-based solution for the Client, a large healthcare revenue cycle management company.
# 15 / 15
AWS Competency Case Study: Allogy LLC
VSO successfully migrated Allogy’s infrastructure and application from the AWS Commercial Cloud to AWS GovCloud with minimal impact to business operations by accomplishing the migration during Allogy’s pre-approved monthly maintenance window.

Who We Are

We are passionate about our customer's long term success. We take the mystery out of moving to hybrid cloud IT operational frameworks through innovative and experienced service offerings and proven IP. 

We have unlocked the amazing potential of the largest, most highly trained workforce in the world: the military veteran. Our amazing people, the veteran mission, and our dedication to repeatable solutions make the journey to visionary IT possible, reliable, and affordable.

Who We Are

At VSO We Hold These
Truths to Be Self Evident

VSO is not like every other company. We’re building a
valuable company by building a company of values.
No Jerks,
No Jerks,
VSO culture is one of virtue. The common values of Trustworthiness, Loyalty, Respect, are attained through the practice of the virtues of Morality, Discipline, Self-Control, and Dignity. Regardless of our backgrounds, these values are common to everyone, but set apart those people and companies that actually practice them.
Leadership is an Attitude, not a Position
Leadership is an Attitude, not a Position
We develop leaders and are serious about their role in coaching others. We are owners - owners of problems who take responsibility for finding solutions. We have relentlessly high standards. We are continually raising the bar and driving our teams to deliver high quality products, services and processes. We assume first our own leadership, and then delegate-versus assuming someone else’s ownership, and waiting for things to break.
Customer Loyalty – We find a way to say yes
Customer Loyalty – We find a way to say yes
Our customers are always our partners and our partners are never the enemy. There are always challenges in any human relationship. But VSO leaders will always maintain a positive outlook, remove negativity, and pursue improvement obsessively. If our customers did not need our help, they wouldn’t have hired us. We are hired because of our content, we are brought back because of our values, culture and execution.​
We Will Not
Waste Time
We Will Not
Waste Time
Time is the most valuable commodity. We honor the dignity of others to the degree we honor the value of their time. We value others time the same as our own. We value our customer’s time. We value time by finding the meaning in what we are doing; by ensuring that what we have delegated has meaning; that those we have invited to a call are all necessary; and that what we are doing is being done by the right people.
We believe in the Principle of Empowerment
We believe in the Principle of Empowerment
That which can be automated, should be automated. We work smarter not harder. That which can be delegated, should be delegated. Our culture is a virtuous cycle of learn, do, and teach. We continually ask: What am I doing now? What am I teaching others? What should I be learning next?​
We work to Earn Trust, Loyalty, and Respect
We work to Earn Trust, Loyalty, and Respect
We will always be direct and honest with ourselves and others. We are never complacent, and we always seek to improve ourselves, the company, our customers, and those we lead. Trust, Loyalty, and Respect are earned.
Performance Culture
Performance Culture
VSO aggressively recruits leaders of value at all levels and fosters their continued growth. VSO will always strive to grow “B” players in to “A” players. We will always seek to set clear, measurable goals, and be direct in our feedback to ourselves as to how we are doing towards those goals. VSO is not like every other company. We will build a valuable company by building a company of values.

How We Came To Be

VSO was founded in 2017 by Stephen O’Keefe and John Birch. Their vision was to create a company that would be the world leader in hybrid and multi-cloud managed services industry.  In order to build the highly effective and responsive team required, VSO tapped into the most disciplined and deserving workforce out there: US military veterans.  

How We Came To Be

Some of Our Veteran Workforce

Harry Lee Belton III
Tyrone Berry
Maurice Durocher
John Everett
Adrian Henderson
Charles Johnson
Trenton Keen
Darby Mee
Anthony Natale
Mark Stever