I need a trusted partner who can help my unit scale and avoid internal friction and cross-department delays.

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L4 Engineering

I’m an experienced technical expert looking to join an innovative team composed of U.S. workers and military veterans.

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I’m a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces looking to get my start in a career in IT.

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Why VSO?

Focus on Hybrid Cloud and Service Management Driven Use Cases

VSO focuses on the value layers that make Hybrid Cloud possible, namely Unified Platform Service Assurance, Governance, and Contracting

Extreme Ownership approach to Agile services

Tools Based Methodology

Founding Mission to Help Vets Develop Careers in IT-Creating a Virtuous Cycle that Helps Those Who've Fought for Us While Also Providing Unique On-Shore Staffing Approach with Pricing Competitive with Off-Shore Companies

Our Approach

Freedom to Scale

We are an end-to-end hybrid-cloud service management company, giving you the peace of mind to hand over projects and allowing you the freedom to scale your operation.

Innovation Cycles

We lead with analytics and instrumentation to create an Agile-based innovation cycle, resulting in hybrid deployments that accelerate customer time to value.


Our operation is designed for Veteran-Delivery, providing a culture of extreme ownership.

Value Layers

We focus on Core Competencies that are the “Value Layers” that make Hybrid environment work.

Cloud Deployments

Our team provides standard Migration & Managed Services from On-Prem to XaaS Hybrid deployments to Cloud deployments.

U.S. Based

Our team is composed of a U.S. based workforce and military veterans, which means that we’re a team of trustworthy experts who can handle detailed customizations.